Slezská lilie 2017

Slezská Lilie Festival, as the international festival of contemporary Christian music, presents a neglected phenomenon of contemporary authorial Christian music along with a peaceful atmosphere of Christian togetherness. The festival takes place in Ostrava-Kunčičky, a part of the town marked by heavy industry until these days. Other parts of the programme are held in the middle of the modern shopping mall, and in churches throughout the city. Sunday as a day of evangelization became an inseparable part of the festival.

Festival focuses on rhythmic contemporary music of both well-known and less well-known Czech and foreign bands and church choirs across the whole variety of styles and genres. The aim of Slezská Lilie Festival is, first and foremost, to break down barriers between Christians and the public. The barriers are those created by the pressure of media, the shortage of information, but mainly by the shortage of time spent together.

So let’s meet and break them down!